The AGM Foods Story

The AGM Foods story started nearly 60 years ago. The founder, a fourth generation baker learnt the important role that bacteria play in the production of real fermented bread. At that time bread was a staple of most household diets.

This led to a lifelong passion for health promoting foods, fermentation and acquiring knowledge about the microorganisms that produced them.

Over time he observed the way the modern western diet was becoming high in sterile, overly processed foods. Preservatives and antibiotics were also commonplace.

Being aware that fermented foods, beneficial bacteria and the health benefits they possess were the essential part missing from the modern diet, he created AGM Foods in Brisbane Australia. 

Since that time, AGM Foods have led from the front and pioneered many of the trends that are now commonplace in the fermented food and probiotic marketplace.

We are fermentation specialists, working with nature, to produce the best range of fermented foods and beverages available.

Why Use Fermentation?

Fermentation produces probiotics which can help restore the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut after the use of antibiotics and help alleviate some digestive problems.

Due to their high probiotic content, fermented foods can help to boost the immune system.

Fermentation of foods helps break down and destroy antinutrients that interfere with nutrient absorption – such as phytates and lectins which are found in seeds, nuts, grains and legumes.

Some studies have linked the probiotic strains in fermented foods to a reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Probiotic bacteria produced during fermentation can help suppress the growth and metabolism of other toxic bacteria.

Fermented foods contribute to efficient digestion by breaking down foods to make digestion and assimilation easier and by providing enzymes to aid digestion.

Fermentation of foods aids in the pre-digestion of proteins and synthesis of vitamins.

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